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for me

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Aren't these works amazing?!:love:

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Stella Mythix CGI by ColorfullWinx

Oh, my... sometimes I wonder, if for sure you are using the mouse... XD Stella looks gorgeous!! Like really CGI...:heart: I love how you did ...

The Life Within by ColorfullWinx

OMG!! Sweetie! This is one of the best Butterflyix Transformations, what I have seen so far!! Her dress, hair, wings, colors, everythin...

Lana Believix Couture by ColorfullWinx

oh, wow!! Sweetie!! First of all, Lana looks so wonderful!! You making Couture Style almost like origianl!! I love her hair... so natur...

Hit the Lights! by ColorfullWinx

Oh my... This dress is gorgeous! Beautiful, marvelous!! How are you doing recently, I see that you did the work in your own style ... H...


'Let it go' PL: 'Mam te Moc'




New Contest!

Sun Sep 20, 2015, 5:39 AM
Edit: added 6'th category^^
Hello my all dear friends!:hug:
Here we go, time for which you're waiting for months(I have no idea why, but whatever :XD: )-New Contest!!
Just like last time, here will be few categories, and one winner per each one category^^
But prizes will be in a bit different way given ;P
Rules:are the same as im my previous Contests, I think nothing has changed...
1. DO NOT steal/trace other people arts/designs!
2. you MAY use bases, patterns, and helpng materials, but REMEBER about CREDIT their makers
3. you may do as many entries as you want!
4. If you draw my OC's, DO NOT change anything in their official designs(transformations) and palettes
5. Per each one category must be done at least one entry, otherwise Contest is CANCELED!!

6. Everyone must tell me, in which category they entering!
Like I said, prizes will be organized bit differently.
Well ... there are a few sets, and the winners have to chooce, which set they want to receive...
I think cool, huh? ;P
SET I: 1 Full Falix Set for your Fairy
SET II: 1 Screenshot, 1 Butterflix , 1 Mythix Scepter for your OC/OCs
SET III: 1 Etheric Driadix(Only, if your OC has already drawed 'Normal' Driadix), 1 FDB and one screenshot 'In Transit' series

1.'Happy Birthday, Ashia!':

21'st(tomorrow) is Ashia's birthday, so I decided to give such a category too:meow:
Your Task: Draw Ashia while celebrating her birthday (I hope it's easy to understand :XD:)

2.'Love is all around!':

My Couples need a bit more love, so what do you think about spend some time together?
Your Task: Draw one of my couples while spending romantic time together
My couples: Ashia x Alan, Irice x Martin, Caris x Drave.
If you're brave enaugh, you can ship Ashia with Glen or one of my 'Single' OCs with your OC^^

3.'Portal to another World':

My OCs found something interesting, portal to another world!!
Your Task: Draw one of My OC in winx style and another style. Something like this:… or B-Day Gift: Portal to another world by Eleanor-Devil

4.'Is that me or she?':

My OC and your OC somehow connected their bodies! Now MY OC lives your OC's live!!
Your Task: Draw one of My OC in you'r OC's live situation(kissed by her boyfriend, talking with ver famly/.friends, etc). It must be my OC with one eye in your OC's color. She's surprised. shocked/etc, but everyone around doesn't see it. they think it's your OC


Magix is a place full of surprises and secrets... What can you meet around the corner? Your Task: Draw something special that happened to any of my OC... I leave room for your imagination^^


Last time a lot of you drew my OCs in transit, so this time I decided do separate category for it^^Your Task: Draw one of My OC while transforming scene
Well, this time you will have really a lot of time, because...
Deadline: 21'st June 2016r at 22:00/10 pm Polish Timezone ^^

:iconnifacz: with kat:1/2/3/4/5/6: CE: Happy Birthday Ashia by NifaCZ/CE: Love is all around by NifaCZ/CE: Portal to another World by NifaCZ///
:iconraina177: with kat:1/3/4:
:iconpriestesslhiannon: with kat:1/2: /CE: Irice+Martin by priestessLHIANNON
:iconmajijehkic11: with kat:3/5: CE: 'Welcome to my  world' by majijehkic11/
:iconkirisakicreamy: with kat.1/3/5: Contest Entry : Happy (SUPERLATE) Birthday by KirisakiCreamy/Contest Entry : Another me on Equestria by KirisakiCreamy/
:iconenchantingunixfairy: with kat.1/3/4:
:iconjaymythix: with kat.6:
:iconkys-alis: with kat.2/4:
:icon2000mira: with kat.6: CE: Can you feel the energy by 2000mira
:iconrosenangel: with kat.5/6:
:iconmagicalnelly: with kat. 3/4/5/6:
:iconxroyalicangel: with kat.1/6:
:iconmagicaciliana: with kat.3/6:
:iconashlystorm: with kat.:
:iconsonyasworlds: with kat.1/2/3/4/5/6:
:iconakatoh: with kat.4/5/6:
:iconluisfrelis: with kat.3/5: /RQ:  Portal Master of mermaids by LuisFrelis
:iconkillergirlfuria: with kat.1/2/3/4/5/6: //[CE] 'Maybe somewhere far away...' by KillerGirlFuria///[CE] 'Spiritual Key' by KillerGirlFuria
:iconamistixgirlsart: with kat.6: Ce Ashia AmistiX in transit by AmistiXgirlsArt
:icondestinysfates: with kat.2/4:
:iconcolorfulbutterfly358: with kat.1/3/4/5/6:
:iconflowgirlfairyfan: witk kat.4/5/6:
:iconnekobunnychan: with kat.2/3/4:
:iconphoenixflamefairy: with kat.1/3/4/5/6:
:iconforeverxwandering: with kat.3/4/6:
:icontesinacea: with kat.3/4:
:iconaliceitim: with kat.3/5: CE: 'Portal of Ninja world' by AliceItim/
:iconstarshimmer21: with kat.3: Follw Me Ashia by starshimmer21
:iconsky6666: with kat.4/6:
:iconaryl-phoenix: with kat.3/4/5/6:
:iconlora777: with kat.4/6: Can not be! by Lora777/Ashia Butterflix! by Lora777
:iconmysticalchanges: with kat.1/3:
:iconoctaviaair: with kat.1/5:
:iconstarfall12: with kat.3/4:
:iconclaricethegothpuppet: with kat.3:
:iconkhianahmarie18: with kat.1/2/3/4/6: CE: HAPPY BIRTHDAY ASHIA!!!!!!!!!!! by KhianahMarie18////CE: Ashia's Magic Winx in Transit by KhianahMarie18
:iconlegacyfairy: with kat.3:
:iconelena6713: with kat.1/4/6: //CE: Ashia Butterflix In-transit by Elena6713
:iconHybridCatgirl955: with kat.1/2/3:
:icondominosorcerer: with kat.5:
:iconmusa-eyre: with kat.1/2/3/4/5/6: /Deadly Love by Musa-Eyre/The Other Side by Musa-Eyre///Ashia Bloomix in Transit by Musa-Eyre
:iconsparklingwings: with kat.3/4/6:
:iconbloom2: with kat.3:
:iconstellalopezwinxfor: with kat.1/2/3/4/6:
:iconenchanted-mystix: with kat.1/3/4/6:
:iconmiaenchantedfairy: with kat.3:
:iconliana1416: with kat.1/2/3/6: CE:Happy Birthday Ashia! by Liana1416//CE:To Anime World by Liana1416/CE:Ashia Transform To Charmix by Liana1416
:iconkaira-ningyo: with kat.5/6:
:iconwinxsome: with kat.1/5: Ashia Contest by winxsome/
:iconNikiNatla: with kat.6: CONTEST ''What 's happening...'' by NickiNatla
:icongrisoutigrou: with kat.1: Contest Happy birthday by Ashia2256 by Grisoutigrou
:iconunstoppablequeen: with kat.2/3/4/5: //CE:  But what the...? by UnstoppableQueen/
:iconftouma-trix: with kat.3/5: caris by ftouma-trix/best friends forever and bad girls ! by ftouma-trixcaris and malika full body by ftouma-trix
:iconoliveeliffilter: with kat.5/6:
:iconBraelnn23: with kat.1/5/6:
:iconstarixfairy: with kat.3/4/6:
:iconerukechan: with kat.6: Ashia's Fighinix by ErukeChan
:iconalex4ndr4: with kat.6:
:iconflashypole: with kat.3/4:
:icondazzling-dream: with kat.3:
:iconusenochka: with kat.4/6:
:iconkaylethefox23: with kat.1:
:iconlaylaheart123: with kat.6:
:icon: with kat.:
Any questions? Feel free to ask^^

  • Mood: Euphoric
  • Listening to: 'Stand Up'
  • Reading: 'Twilight' Saga
  • Watching: Winx Club season 5 and 6
  • Playing: PaintToolSai
  • Drinking: Carrot-peach-apple juice


'Keeper of the Water Stars'- Season 1 by ashia2256
'Opiekunka Wodnych Gwiazd'- Sezon 1 by ashia2256
Cover for you story for whatever season, will include:
- title(in 2 language versions-English and one extra whatever you want)
- background
- 'season motto'
- 3 or 4 pictures(if more, price will be 35:points: higher per each extra picture)
- link with your DA account 
- 2 or 3 symbols/logos(examples: DA, Rainbow, Nickelodeon, etc.) whatever you want
Ready Pack will include:
-each one element in png file
-rules about using
'I'm your Twin, Princess Ashia...' by ashia2256
COM: Colia- Layana's Falix Twin by ashia2256
COM: Layana Falix by ashia2256
COM: Layana Falix Underwater by ashia2256
'In the deeps I'm faster than ever...' by ashia2256
'Undaunted Ocean' by ashia2256
Your OC in My Fan-Transformation: Falix.
Full Set includes:
-Fairy in Abovewater version of Falix
-Fairy in Underwater version of Falix
-Fairy's Falix Twin
I need:
-colorpalette of your Fairy
-4 faves colors (it can be 3 shades of one color and one contrast color, or 2 shades of one and 2 contrast or 4 different colors)
-power symbol/Power of your Fairy
-details about Falix Twin's appearance(I mean: haircolor and lenght, skincolor,lipscolor and shape, eyes shape and nose shape)
Etheric Driadix
Etheric Driadix: 'Spirit of the Water Stars' by ashia2256
AT:Rachel Etheric Driadix- Spirit of Natural Death by ashia2256
Your Fairy in Second and Final Level of Driadix.
I need Color palette and Power Symbol
IMPORTANT: Etheric Driadix can be gained ONLY, if Your Fairy has normal Draidix!!
COM: Sanny Lady HalloWinx by ashia2256
RQ: Summer Requests nr. 24 by ashia2256
your OC full body in "HalloWinx" collection...
I need her power and color palette...
This is hard design, so this isn't cheap...
Chix Club: Here you are!! (Screenshot) by ashia2256
Chix Club:Climbing of Life (Screenshot) by ashia2256
'Don't move, dropless...' by ashia2256
COM: Ariella MW in Transit (Screenshot) by ashia2256
COM: Claire MW in Transit by ashia2256
Chix: 'I'm Nera...' by ashia2256
I'm not good is "spells" but I can do for you screenshot with your fairies ^^
Just tell me who, in what form, and where ^^
<h3>Warning!!</h3> If in the screenshot you want more than 3 persons, you must pay extra 50 :points: for each fairy...  I mean: if in the screenshot will be 4 persons(fairies) you must pay 230:points: for COM, if 5- 280:points: etc.
Witch-Trix form
COM: Maralah Witch form by ashia2256
COM: Cristella Witch form by ashia2256
COM: Cynthia Trix Uniform by ashia2256
RQ: Summer Requests nr. 7 by ashia2256
COM: Fiery Trix in Trix Uniform by ashia2256
your OC witch in "Trix" uniform ^^
just tell me colors and preffering style(I mean skirt or pants)^^
New OC
Molly by ashia2256
COM: New Witch by ashia2256
Carlo by ashia2256
Lena love'n pet by ashia2256
COM: Cindy Casual by ashia2256
new fairy or new witch... in her casual outfit
together with her <h3>simply</h3> color palette
Base Pack
'Some Rock!' Free Base Pack by ashia2256
'Bonding' Free Base Pack by ashia2256
'I can play too...' Free Base Pack by ashia2256
'Be like Stella' Free Base Pack by ashia2256
You can order base Pack with 4 bases inside...
I need <h2>Original Picture</h2> or <h2>Screenshot</h2> of winx... or <h3> Permission</h3> from real owner of picture ;P
Pixie or Selkie
Iseyla- Gatekeeper of Aquaria by ashia2256
RQ: Summer Requests nr.*21 by ashia2256
Gracja- Pixie of Dance by ashia2256
COM: Trina- Gatekeeper of Syntha by ashia2256
Fancy- Pixie of Fashion by ashia2256
selkie or pixie for your fairy
in color!!
Group picture
COLLAB: First meet by ashia2256
RQ: Summer Requests nr.2 by ashia2256
'Magical Number' by ashia2256
GIFT: Believix Cosplay is fun! by ashia2256
COM: Enchantix fairies! by ashia2256
AT: 'Blue can be mixed too...' by ashia2256
your fairy with my fairy or group with your fairies full body or half body in all form, if they have the design!! in color

<h3>in picture must be min. 2 fairies and max 7 fairies!!</h3>


ashia2256 has started a donation pool!
15,812 / 100,000
Ashia2256 by oORiLia-SweetOo
Art status:
Collaborations - Ask Me by SweetDuke At Closed by safire-star Request closed by safire-star Com Open by safire-star No Kiribans by SweetDuke

Prizes: All with your fairy!!

- Casual: 70 :points:
- Balldress: 100 :points:
- Logo: 25 :points:
- 'Transformation Makeup Palette': 5 :points:(+5 for each additional)

- 'Mermaid Collection': Ashia- 'Mermaid Collection' reference by ashia2256

- MT/MW: 80 :points:
- Charmix/Gloomix: 100 :points:
+ Charms from Charmix: 20 :points:
- Enchantix/DisEnchantix: 150 :points:
+ Fairy Dust Bottle(FDB): 35 :points:
- Believix/Sophix/Lovix/Wings Set: 200 :points: each
- Harmonix: 180 :points:
- Sirenix/Dark Sirenix: 140 :points:
- Gothic Sirenix: 260 :points:
- Bloomix: 320 :points:
- Mythix: 250 :points:
+ Mythix scepter: 60 :points:
- Final Witch Form: 230 :points:
- Butterflix: 270 :points:
- Tynix: 210 :points:

Fan transformations:
- Driadix: 120 :points:
- Reddix: 180 :points:
- Goddix: 140 :points:
- Darix: 200 :points:
- Sylphix: 300 :points:

- in winx style(your OC from different style in winx style): +70 :points:
- real clothes(your OC ic clothes from real pictures): + 90 :points:

- hairstyles: *lineart: 20 :points: *in color 35 :points:
- wings:
+ MW/Charmix: 30 :points:
+ Enchantix: 80 :points:
+ Believix: 100 :points:
-Sophix/Lovix: 50 :points:
+ Harmonix: 90 :points:
+ Sirenix: 30 :points:
+ Bloomix: 160 :points:
+ Mythix: 120 :points:
+ Butterflix: 140 :points:
- only design: 25% cheaper than transformation
- background: 20 :points:

-CGI/3D: 1400 :points:
+ CGI Transformation( fan or official): CGI normal price+ transformation Price
(for example: Enchantix CGI: 1400+150=1550 :points:)

Half body: 1/2 normal price

You must be logged in to donate.

Because I have REALLY a lot of orders(COMS and ATs) and personal projects to finish, what should I do first? 

36 deviants said Finish/Realise Commissions!
18 deviants said Finish/Realise Art Trades!
8 deviants said Finish/Realise other Personal/random arts!
7 deviants said Finish 'Keeper of the Water Stars' Season 1!!

Commission and Art Trades- OPEN!!

Mon Nov 9, 2015, 12:14 AM
Because Really a lot of you asks me, if they can order from me something, I decided re-open Art Trades and Commissions!
All prices are on my COM widgets and profile page:33
And about Art Trades, I have few rules:
1. I do NOT trade with Falix!!
2. I DO trade with Etheric Driadix ONLY if you also have some RARE and mystical fan-transformation!
3.I will do my part only when your part is done!

  • Mood: Artistic
  • Listening to: 'Stand Up'
  • Reading: 'Twilight' Saga
  • Watching: Winx Club season 5 and 6
  • Playing: PaintToolSai
  • Drinking: Carrot-peach-apple juice

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ashia2256's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
I'm from Poland and I 'm 18 years old. I love drawing winx and especially my OC Ashia. Her power is water and she is the Guardian of the Water Stars, just as Bloom is the guardian of the Dragon Flame. She live in Aquaria- the first planet of dimension Lunarix.
I love winx movie too ^^
My Birthday: 21.06
My Fairysign: Winx Chimera Horoscope by aett13
My Horoscope/Zodiac Sign: Gemini- Gemini by Zoratrix ^^

My best friends on DA:
:iconamagicalfairy::iconsaku28::iconcolorfullwinx::icongoruos::iconbloom2::iconlumissencia::iconroxystella::iconenafromthemoon::iconmctrey::iconforgottenmajin::iconblade-of-hope::iconmskittencreations::iconfantazyjelena: and much more yet...!!

Ashia2256 by oORiLia-SweetOoGift: Ashia Fan Button by Supremechaos918
I'm from Poland stamp by coolmaggi Stamp 6 by polska Stamp: I speak Polish by AtreJane Stamp 5 by polska Proud To Be Polish by legalcrime I LOVE POLAND. by shetty05 Serfeuszka = Serfeu by Axunna Polish language level NATIVE by animeXcaso USA Language Level stamp3 by Faeth-design Stamp: German Language Intermediate by MafiaVamp Italian Beginner Badge by Laufeyon French 3 by Faeth-design
Jack Frost Fan Stamp by BratLittlePrincessJack Fan Stamp by shadyGIFsJack Frost, Stamp by BunnyFromTheHellRise Of The Guardians Stamp 2 by DemoniumAngel

:thumb351972218:PYW Stamp English by SweetSunshine10

profile picture: :iconookami-luna:
Gemini picture did: :iconzoratrix:… :iconchix-club: site ;P…

Flag Counter

My orders^^

Yes... I ordered few drawings... and here I show you my list, what I'm waiting for:
:bulletpink:- not paid
:bulletblue:- paid
:bulletyellow:- paid in half

1. Ashia Harmonix Attack from :iconcitania1140: :bulletblue:
2. Ashia and Irice Galactix from :iconamberworks: :bulletpink:

List to do...

List of works, which I have to do, if I forgot someone, remind me^^
Pastel Progress Bars - Blue Paid by KazhmiranPastel Progress Bars - Blue Unpaid by Kazhmiran

:bulletblue: Commissions:
:iconmke7: - 'Elianna Lovix' i 'Azalea Believix, Sophix i Lovix' Pastel Progress Bars - Blue Paid by Kazhmiran
:iconanubisunderthesun: - 'Quinn Enchantix' i 'LadyDead Yuuko MT i Enchantix' Pastel Progress Bars - Blue Paid by Kazhmiran
:iconsailorrob: - 'Cynthia Tynix' Pastel Progress Bars - Blue Paid by Kazhmiran
:iconchandsharma: - '2 FDB' Pastel Progress Bars - Blue Paid by Kazhmiran
:iconsky6666: - '2 Charmixitems' Pastel Progress Bars - Blue Paid by Kazhmiran
:iconlegacyfairy: - 'DeeDee Aquaria MT Mermaid Form' Pastel Progress Bars - Blue Paid by Kazhmiran
:iconmiustar01: - 'Yuki Falix Set' i 'Miu Etheric Driadix' Pastel Progress Bars - Blue Paid by Kazhmiran
:icontaffybratz: - 'Selina MT screenshot' Pastel Progress Bars - Blue Paid by Kazhmiran
:iconenchantingunixfairy: - 'Sharona Darix' Pastel Progress Bars - Blue Unpaid by Kazhmiran
:icondazzling-dream: - 'Cassandra i Avalon Screenshot' Pastel Progress Bars - Blue Paid by Kazhmiran
:iconangeladuong-9x: - 'Naiya MT' Pastel Progress Bars - Blue Paid by Kazhmiran

:bulletpink: Art Trades: I will do my part, when your will be done!!
:iconmagicallady:- for 'Ashia and Liz Mythix convergence Screenshot'
:iconaryl-phoenix:-for 'Bella Aquaria Tynix Mermaid Form'
:iconwildenchantress:- for 'Kailani s6 Domino Dress'
:iconkirisakicreamy:- for 'Shienna MT'
:iconaliceitim:- 'Ashia Beatix' for 'Roxalen Darix'
:iconliriaaqua2:- 'Ashia i Liria mixed Believix,Ashia i Liria on the beach,Azura i Flutura mixed MT' for 'Liria Bloomix,Mythix,Butterflix and Mermaid'
:iconpriestesslhiannon:- for 'Pandora Butterflix'
:iconashlystorm:- for 'Ashly Driadix'
:iconanonymartist:- 'Cassidy i Molly' for 'Lux Believix'
:iconnishimurashoko:- 'Ashia i Alexus mixed Harmonix' for '2 New OCs, Alexus Darix i Gothic Sirenix'
:iconphoenixflamefairy:- 'Laura i Molly talking' for 'Izis Mythix(with scepter)'
:iconsky6666:- for 'Diana i Katherine Darix'
:icon2000mira:- '' for ''
:iconkys-alis:- '' for ''
:icon:- '' for ''
:icon:- '' for ''
:icon:- '' for ''
:icon:- '' for ''
:iconforgottenmajin:- 'Molly Casual Couture Style' for 'Franziska Gothic Sirenix' Blue Bar 0 by StampMakerLKJ
:iconangelheartdreamer:- 'Perle and Corallyn Enchantix' for 'Marella Mermaid' Blue Bar 0 by StampMakerLKJ

:bulletpurple: Collabs:
:icondragonshinyflame:- 'Ashia and Altair'
:iconrebecca0105:- 'Ashia and Mia Halloween'

my speed drawing of CGI^^


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oORiLia-SweetOo Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Student Digital Artist
 My part in Art Trade:
La la la la La la la la La la la la La la la la La la la la La la la la 
ashia2256 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Livixclubandwinx Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Student Digital Artist
Try to guess what im doing?
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I have no idea XD
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A comic!
ashia2256 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
oh, cool!
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ichihime96 Featured By Owner 2 days ago
Thank you for the watch I absolutely love your work! Your Ashia Character is beautiful! I'm trying my hardest to make my character Dawn come to life. I put up her story. But I don't know how to draw :( But I'm not going to give up I'm going to work my absolute hardest to make Dawn a reality! Thank you for motivation. :D
ashia2256 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
AngelaDuong-9x Featured By Owner 2 days ago   Traditional Artist
Can i ask you Commission about 'Base Pack' ? :3
ashia2256 Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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