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Lana Believix Couture by ColorfullWinx

oh, wow!! Sweetie!! First of all, Lana looks so wonderful!! You making Couture Style almost like origianl!! I love her hair... so natur...

Hit the Lights! by ColorfullWinx

Oh my... This dress is gorgeous! Beautiful, marvelous!! How are you doing recently, I see that you did the work in your own style ... H...

Floral Burst by ColorfullWinx

My first word: wow! So gorgeous!! Lana has awesome Charmix! I just adore her hairstyle and Charmix accessories! Really original purse a...

wow! My dear, she is so beautiful!! A little similar to Tropica but very pretty fairy!! She is her sister or cousin? ;) I love her origi...


'Let it go' PL: 'Mam te Moc'





Journal Entry: Fri Sep 5, 2014, 8:29 AM
Hia guys!!
I decided to do new Contest... I hope you can particiapate^^

Task/Thema: Design an Enchantix for Ashia's sister- Perle
Perle is a Fairy of The Mermaid Tears
her colors: blue, white and green/azura blue
1. Everyone can enter
2. You may do as much entries as you want, but at least one!
3. You can use bases, but you MUST credit base-maker and all owners of materials, which you using...
4. You can't trace other's designs or ideas!!
  Be creative and individuality!
5. Your entry CAN be digital or traditional!!
6. Design HAVE TO include: outfit, wings, hairstyle and FDB(Fairy Dust Bottle)
PRIZES  only 2 places this time, sorry
1'st Place: 100 :points:, your OC in Etheric Driadix only, if your OC HAS normal Driadix or Believix Mermaid Form
2'nd Place: 85 :points:, MT/MW Portrait with your OC and Perle ^^
-:iconsonyasworlds: with:
-:icon2000mira: with: CE: Perle's FDB by 2000mira
-:iconlatiasbaby: with: CE: -Potere di Enchantix!- by Latiasbaby
-:iconwaiting4moonshine: with:
-:iconmechildofthenight: with:
-:iconsailorkatiekatiemoon: with:
-:iconpriestesslhiannon: with:
-:iconalissalevens: with:
-:iconnagako-kun: with:
-:iconkidronix: with:
-:iconphoenixflamefairy: with:
-:iconlovelygirl003: with: Perle Enchantix (Contest) by LovelyGirl003
-:iconlayla855: with:
-:iconcutie-seira33: with:
-:iconcleanspirit: with:
-:iconmagicisreal828: with:
-:iconrockprincessrin: with:
-:iconlegacyfairy: with:
-:iconartsycraft101: with:
-:iconjourdanmiller: with:
-:iconeleganceharmony: with:
-:iconlegendary23: with: Perle's Enchantrix by Legendary23
-:iconeahhansel: with: CE Perle Enchantix by EahHanselGIFt: perle fairy dust animation by EahHanselCE: Perle Fdb by EahHanselCE: Perle Fairydust Screenshot by EahHansel
-:iconhybridcatgirl995: with:
-:icontesinacea: with:
-:iconellientis: with:
-:iconchandsharma:maybe with:
-:iconlivixclubandwinx:maybe with:
-:iconsky6666: with: CE: Perle Enchantix by Sky6666
-:iconbelladragonflame: with:
-:iconcrystalotaku21: with:
-:iconroni838: with: CE: Perle Enchantix by roni838Perle Enchantix! by roni838CE: Perle Fairy Dust Signature by roni838
-:iconpippy-lunalove: with:
-:iconphoenixfairy555: with:
-:iconbloomixcouture: with:
-:icongranderey: with:
-:iconcrystaliszelda: with:
-:iconsassyflower: with:
-:iconenferphenix: with:
-:iconmiaenchantedfairy: with:
-:iconflowgirlfairyfan: with:
-:iconlittleyellowpikachu: with:
-:iconmoskaluke: with:
-:icon: with:
-:icon: with:
-:icon: with:
-:icon: with:
-:icon: with:
-:icon: with:
-:icon: with:

20'th of December 2014, 21:00(9 p.m.) POLISH TIME!!(my time zone is GTM+1)


Some reference pictures with Perle:

'Perle: Fairy of the Mermaid Tears!' by ashia2256CE:'When storm comes, wake up the water demons...' by ashia2256HB Ashia2256- Perle let's transform! by Sochi-suzukiHappy Birthday Ashia ! by RoseMagiqueCE: 'Fun Under The Seas' by rebecca0105Ashia, Perle and their pet by HybridCatgirl995Turn Loose The Mermaids by MeChildOfTheNight
Perle's color palette: Moja paleta kolorow by ashia2256

  • Listening to: 'Stand Up'
  • Reading: 'Twilight' Saga
  • Watching: Winx Club season 5 and 6
  • Playing: PaintToolSai
  • Drinking: Carrot-peach-apple juice
23 deviations


Etheric Driadix
Ashia Etheric Driadix wing by ashia2256
Etheric Driadix: 'Spirit of the Water Stars' by ashia2256
Your Fairy in Second and Final Level of Driadix. I need Color palette and Power Symbol
This design maybe is simple, but very detailed and mystical^^
COM: Sanny Lady HalloWinx by ashia2256
RQ: Summer Requests nr. 24 by ashia2256
your OC full body in "HalloWinx" collection...
I need her power and color palette...
This is hard design, so this isn't cheap...
Chix Club: Here you are!! (Screenshot) by ashia2256
Chix Club:Climbing of Life (Screenshot) by ashia2256
'Don't move, dropless...' by ashia2256
COM: Ariella MW in Transit (Screenshot) by ashia2256
COM: Claire MW in Transit by ashia2256
Chix: 'I'm Nera...' by ashia2256
I'm not good is "spells" but I can do for you screenshot with your fairies ^^
Just tell me who, in what form, and where ^^
<h3>Warning!!</h3> If in the screenshot you want more than 3 persons, you must pay extra 50 :points: for each fairy...  I mean: if in the screenshot will be 4 persons(fairies) you must pay 230:points: for COM, if 5- 280:points: etc.
Witch-Trix form
COM: Maralah Witch form by ashia2256
COM: Cristella Witch form by ashia2256
COM: Cynthia Trix Uniform by ashia2256
RQ: Summer Requests nr. 7 by ashia2256
your OC witch in "Trix" uniform ^^
just tell me colors and preffering style(I mean skirt or pants)^^
New OC
Molly by ashia2256
COM: New Witch by ashia2256
Carlo by ashia2256
Lena love'n pet by ashia2256
COM: Cindy Casual by ashia2256
new fairy or new witch... in her casual outfit
together with her <h3>simply</h3> color palette
Base Pack
'Some Rock!' Free Base Pack by ashia2256
'Bonding' Free Base Pack by ashia2256
'I can play too...' Free Base Pack by ashia2256
'Be like Stella' Free Base Pack by ashia2256
You can order base Pack with 4 bases inside...
I need <h2>Original Picture</h2> or <h2>Screenshot</h2> of winx... or <h3> Permission</h3> from real owner of picture ;P
Ashia Driadix by ashia2256
COM: Nina Driadix by ashia2256
COM: Cherry Driadix by ashia2256
COM: Luna Driadix by ashia2256
  your fairy full body in my fan transformation- Driadix...
Here I need power of your fairy and her max 2 faves colors! 
Pixie or Selkie
Iseyla- Gatekeeper of Aquaria by ashia2256
RQ: Summer Requests nr.*21 by ashia2256
Gracja- Pixie of Dance by ashia2256
COM: Trina- Gatekeeper of Syntha by ashia2256
Fancy- Pixie of Fashion by ashia2256
selkie or pixie for your fairy
in color!!
Group picture
AT: Ashia and Zoey in Balldresses by ashia2256
COM: Enchantix fairies! by ashia2256
COM: 'Charmix is Cool!' by ashia2256
COLLAB: First meet by ashia2256
RQ: Summer Requests nr.2 by ashia2256
COLLAB: MW Photo by ashia2256
your fairy with my fairy or group with your fairies full body or half body in all form, if they have the design!! in color

<h3>in picture must be min. 2 fairies and max 7 fairies!!</h3>
Magic Winx
Ashia MW by ashia2256
COM: New OC- Morana MW by ashia2256
COM: Kia MW by ashia2256
COM: Cynthia MW by ashia2256
your fairy in Magic Winx full body with wings

Important!! <h2> Your OC must be in Winx Style... If she isn't, you must pay extra 25:points: </h2>


ashia2256 has started a donation pool!
8,048 / 100,000
Art status:
Collaborations - Ask Me by SweetDuke Art Trades Ask by safire-star Request closed by safire-star Com Open by safire-star No Kiribans by SweetDuke

Prizes: All with your fairy!!

- Casual: 70 :points:
- Balldress: 100 :points:
- Logo: 25 :points:
- 'Transformation Makeup Palette': 5 :points:(+5 for each additional)

- 'Mermaid Collection': Ashia- 'Mermaid Collection' reference by ashia2256

- Charmix/Gloomix: 100 :points:
+ Charms from Charmix: 20 :points:
- Enchantix/DisEnchantix: 170 :points:
+ Fairy Dust Bottle(FDB): 35 :points:
- Believix/Sophix/Lovix/Wings Set: 220 :points: each
- Harmonix: 250 :points:
- Sirenix/Dark Sirenix: 170 :points:
- Gothic Sirenix: 300 :points:
- Bloomix: 400 :points:
- Mythix: 310 :points:
+ Mythix scepter: 60 :points:
- Final Witch Form: 280 :points:

Fan transformations:
- Reddix: 200 :points:
- Goddix: 120 :points:
- Darix: 250 :points:
- Sylphix: 350 :points:

- in winx style(your OC from different style in winx style): +70 :points:
- real clothes(your OC ic clothes from real pictures): + 90 :points:

- hairstyles: *lineart: 20 :points: *in color 35 :points:
- wings:
+ MW/Charmix: 30 :points:
+ Enchantix: 80 :points:
+ Believix: 100 :points:
+ Harmonix: 90 :points:
+ Sirenix: 30 :points:
+ Bloomix: 150 :points:
+ Mythix: 120 :points:
- only design: 35 :points: cheaper than transformation
- background: 20 :points:

-CGI/3D: 1400 :points:
+ CGI Transformation( fan or official): CGI normal price+ transformation Price
(for example: Enchantix CGI: 1400+170=1570 :points:)

Half body: 1/2 normal price

You must be logged in to donate.

Which one of Ashia Forms/Transformations do you like the most and why?:flirty: 

25 deviants said Mythix FDC: Ashia Mythix by ashia2256
13 deviants said Enchantix 'Ashia: Fata delle Stelle d'Acqua!' by ashia2256/FDC: Ashia Enchantix by ashia2256
9 deviants said Sophix 'Stream of Nature' by ashia2256/FDC: Ashia Sophix by ashia2256
9 deviants said Bloomix 'My Bloomix!' by ashia2256/FDC: Ashia Bloomix by ashia2256
6 deviants said Believix Ashia_Believix by ashia2256/FDC: Ashia Believix by ashia2256
6 deviants said Harmonix Ashia NEW Harmonix by ashia2256/FDC: Ashia Harmonix by ashia2256
5 deviants said Lovix 'Ice Flood' by ashia2256/FDC: Ashia Lovix by ashia2256
5 deviants said Sirenix FDC: Ashia Sirenix by ashia2256/FDC: Ashia Sirenix Underwater by ashia2256
2 deviants said Charmix FDC: Ashia Charmix by ashia2256
No deviants said MT/MW FDC: Ashia MW by ashia2256

Commissions CLOSED!!-No Drawings for a while!!

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 13, 2014, 7:20 AM

Yeah ... tomorrow I start my driving test, and therefore the whole week I won't be able to draw (I'll be back home at 22.00 => 10.00 pm)...
That's why I wanted to apologize in advance for the delay in COMs and all works for the contests,which I could not finish on time...
Really sorry...
Yeah, sadly I have close Commissions and Art Trades... well at least as I will finish my all personal works, which I started and still didn't finsh.
I have also a lot of contest entries to finish, so sorry, but until I won't finish my all plans, I won't accept any new COM or AT

Of course I will try finish soon already ordered AT's and paid COM's, but CE are first...

Once again, sorry guys, you have to wait...

  • Mood: Sentimental
  • Listening to: 'Stand Up'
  • Reading: 'Twilight' Saga
  • Watching: Winx Club season 5 and 6
  • Playing: PaintToolSai
  • Drinking: Carrot-peach-apple juice

Journal History


ashia2256's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
I 'm from Poland and I 'm 18 years old. I love drawing winx and especially my OC Ashia. Her power is the water and she is the Guardian of the Water Stars, just as Bloom is the guardian of the Dragon Flame. She live in Aquaria- the first planet of dimension Lunarix.
I love winx movie too ^^

My best friends on DA:
:iconamagicalfairy::iconsaku28::iconcolorfullwinx::iconprincessvanillia::iconbloom2::iconrosemagique::iconroxystella::iconenafromthemoon::iconmctrey::iconavatarb-a-b-u::iconmskittencreations::iconfantazyjelena: and much more yet...!!

Gift: Ashia Fan Button by Supremechaos918
I'm from Poland stamp by coolmaggi Stamp 6 by polska Stamp: I speak Polish by AtreJane Stamp 5 by polska Proud To Be Polish by legalcrime I LOVE POLAND. by shetty05 Expert by HiddenCookie USA Language Level stamp3 by Faeth-design Stamp: German Language Intermediate by MafiaVamp Italian Beginner Badge by Laufeyon French 3 by Faeth-design
Jack Frost Fan Stamp by BratLittlePrincessJack Fan Stamp by shadyGIFsJack Frost, Stamp by BunnyFromTheHellRise Of The Guardians Stamp 2 by DemoniumAngel :iconchix-club: site ;P


My orders^^

Yes... I ordered few drawings... and here I show you my list, what I'm waiting for:
:bulletpink:- not paid
:bulletblue:- paid

1. Ashia Keylix from :iconxxdiamondstarxx: :bulletblue:
2. Ashia's Heart Pixie from :iconxxdiamondstarxx: :bulletblue:
3. Ashia and Caris from :iconxx-totentanz-xx: :bulletpink:
4. Ashia Bloomix Attack from :iconmechildofthenight: :bulletpink:
5. Ashia BMythix Shield from :iconmechildofthenight: :bulletpink:

List to do...

List of works, which I have to do, if I forgot someone, remind me^^

:bulletblue: Commissions:
:iconimaginarygirl1:- 'Mirabelle Darix'
:iconanne4411:- 'Alexa Enchantix'
:iconooaquadreamoo:- 'Syrena Bloomix'
:iconduongngoclinh:- 'Sophia Believix'

:bulletpink: Art Trades: I will do my part, when your will be done!!
:iconroni838:- for 'Marina Aquaria Magic Mermaid Form'
:iconxx-totentanz-xx:- 'Ashia Rebellix' for 'Rachel Etheric Driadix'
:iconbelieveinshinxclub:- ' Irice Winestry' for 'Brianna Darix'
:iconsonyasworlds:- 'Ashia Florix' for 'Camilia Driadix'
:iconsybi-sybi:- 'Ashia Flyrix' for 'Neo Believix'
:iconavatarb-a-b-u:- 'Molly Casual Couture Style' for 'Angela as Angel'

:bulletpurple: Collabs:
:icondragonshinyflame:- 'Ashia and Altair'
:iconxxninxclubforeverxx:- 'Ashia and Gabriella Mythix'
:iconrebecca0105:- 'Ashia and Mia Halloween'
:iconbloom2:- 'Ashia and Lily Gothic Sirenix'

my speed drawing of CGI^^


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deadline is 20'th December^^
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